ºPlato Brewing (Degrees Plato) began life in 2014 as London’s smallest brewery and home-brew supply shop, operating from a 10ft shipping container in Hackney’s quirky Netil Market. From there, Adam Khedheri, the Canadian ex-pat founder of the operation, would brew up small batches of ales to sell to shoppers in the market, along with offering supplies and solid advice to the city’s home brewers. But after two years, the teensy space became untenable and it was time to move out and up in order to offer his beers more widely. 

Of course we still love to experiment, but the beers we really love best at ºPlato reflect a lesson learned through many years of brewing; beer doesn’t have to be complicated to be good. Simple recipes and basic, fresh ingredients are all that are needed to craft beers of depth, character, and drinkability.

At °Plato, the beers that are at our core, are beers that you want to return to again and again. Classic, simple, and drinkable. 

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